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Review & Publicity Policy

Review / Product Posts

I have been receiving an abundance of requests to review books, so I have put together a policy on book reviews for authors who may want to consider asking me for a honest review.

  • Products I will review (but not limit to) chocolates, baked goods, alcohol (spiced rums, red wines, whiskey), handmade goods (I make earrings and fashion accessories), technology and home goods / decorations (candles, melts, diffusers, anything that smells good!) and make-up.
  • In terms of books: Genres of books I will review: Mystery/thriller, true crime, young adult / coming-of-age, historical fiction, modern history non-fiction, romance (not to be confused with erotica).
  • I will never offer anything but honest reviews in exchange for products and books. I feel that untrue reviews lead to a disservice to the owner of the product if it could do with some improvements.
  • If you have any further questions or would like to request a review, please either drop a comment or email me here; jess(@) (remove parenthesis).

Companies and Author’s looking for some publicity:

If you are a company looking for a blogger to host a guest post, product review / spotlight or a giveaway here are the rules that I require you to follow:

  • You should link back from your twitter / facebook page or retweet the post once it is up and is complete.
  • Anything you should submit is subject to my own editing. I don’t much like to edit posts of this nature, but I won’t accept anything that is too image heavy. Three images as a general rule.
  • As I am located in Australia, all products books for giveaway/review purposes should be mailed to the Australian address I provided as I won’t go through a third party for a giveaway. This way I am responsible for the winner receiving the item.
  • I do not run product posts for items that do not align with my personal beliefs/likes etc.
  • If product owner/author has either a Twitter page or a facebook page, they are required to like both of mine. @saidjessdotcom &