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2017 New Year New Me!

Joking, joking. I’m going to be the same as I have been every year, changed only by the hard times that have shaped me.


Each year I like to acknowledge the passing of the year and rather than really having a resolution list, I like to set new goals or think about ways that I can challenge myself. I also like to reflect back and see what’s changed as well as what I’ve achieved.

2016 has been a really shitty awful/bitter sweet year but I think I am ready to get back in to things.

I have actually achieved some things in 2016 that I had on my goal list – ones that I thought were more just kind of pipe dreams, and for those things I am proud.

It was also the year that I lost my Mum and so closing that chapter on my life comes with great regret and sadness.

This was a year of learning who my friends are and who my friends aren’t. It was about my eyes opening to the true colours of those in my life and those who were in my family’s life.

I learned in 2016 that you will make time for those who you want to make time for.

In 2017 I have a few plans that I really hope to achieve;

I have written a book in 2016 and I hope to perfect the manuscript and start sending it out to publishers and if that doesn’t go ahead, I will begin to start researching self-publishing a little more seriously.

I have a business venture that I have been thinking about for a little while that I will explore within the next few months.

I want to go to Japan, Hawaii and New York.

I want to up my fitness training and start saving money more seriously.

I also want to stop getting riled up over stupid things and love and cherish those that I choose to have in my life and stop being so selfish where I can.

My new reading challenge is 35 books and I’ve began to choose which books I’ll read – that means I’ll be picking up my reviews again 🙂

— so that’s basically all for now, I hope everyone had a great New Year my next post will be about my New Year’s Eve.

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