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Because We Are Bad by Lily Bailey – [Book Review]

Because We Are Bad is a book about living with OCD according to Lily Bailey.

I enjoy reading books and bios about mental health illness because it empowers those of us who suffer a little something in our lives. Its as empowering as it is raising awareness and I believe that with both fiction and non-fiction, other people have an insight to what people live with. It helps undo the stigma’s associated with mental health issues.

Because We Are Bad was an easy read for me because I could relate to the way that Lily’s brain worked, the thoughts and feelings that she went through and how easily one compulsion can domino effect in to hundreds until your brain is too full to concentrate on living life.

Lily showed very strong signs of obsessive compulsive disorder as a child which spiralled quickly out of control until it took over her entire life.

It started with checking on her sister while she slept and convincing herself that she would be the cause of any bad thing that could happen.

I recommended this book to my friend as an “easy read” because for me it was just that. It was easy because I understand how it is to live with OCD. My symptoms have never been anywhere near the same degree as Lily’s, however it was relatable in terms of the frustrations, the paranoia, the exhaustion and more.

My friend did not find it the easy-read that I claimed it to be. She told me that at times she found it distressing –however, it helped her to truly understand what OCD is and how it can claim all of your attention, time and logic.

This book was beautifully written by a girl who has obviously just had a hard time who is still hopeful about her future.

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